Current Problems of State and Law (category B) is a collection of research papers, which publishes articles of Ukrainian and foreign legal scholars on topical issues of philosophy of law, general theory of law, branches of legal science, legal practice, and justice in Ukraine, the European Union and the world.

The collection of research papers “Current Problems of State and Law” was founded in 1994 by National University “Odessa Law Academy”.

The editorial board of the collection of scientific papers “Current Problems of State and Law” consist of known and reputable legal scholars – representatives of Odessa Law School. Its chief editor is Doctor of Law, Professor, Professor at the Department of Labour Law and Social Welfare Law of National University «Odesa Law Academy» – Chanysheva Haliia Insafivna.

The collection of research papers “Current Problems of State and Law” is notable for its wide geography spread, covering the following list of countries: Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Bulgaria, Federal Republic of Germany, and Republic of Poland.

The collection of research papers “Current Problems of State and Law” is issued quarterly. Its online version is posted on the official website of the collection, as well as on the site of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

The collection of research papers “Current Problems of State and Law” is published for doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, young scholars (adjuncts, postgraduate students), university lecturers, senior students, lawyers, judges, law enforcement officers and all those interested in achievements of Ukrainian legal science.

National University “Odessa Law Academy” follows the rich tradition of Odessa Law School, whose history is rooted in 1847 (the time of existence of the Law Faculty at Richelieu Lyceum – the first higher educational establishment in Odessa). In 1865, Law Faculty joined the Imperial University of Novorossiysk. In 1997, when legal scholarship and education in Odessa turned 150, Law Institute of Odessa State University was transformed into Odessa State Law Academy. In a year, it has acquired membership in the Association of European Universities, and in 2000 the Academy received the status of national university. The Academy was reorganized into the National University “Odessa Law Academy” by the Decree of the President of Ukraine of September 2, 2010 № 893/2010.

According to the decision of the State Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the University is licensed and certified to conduct educational activities at the highest IV level of accreditation, which allows the provision of higher education to persons (including foreign nationals) at qualification requirements for Specialist’s and Master's degree in Law.

TodayNational University “Odessa Law Academy” holds a prominent place among centres of legal education and science of Ukraine, being a leading institution of higher education, the heir of glorious traditions of Odessa Law School, which dates back to 1847.


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